Sunday, October 31, 2010

A Simple Act

I know not to go to Sam's Club on a Saturday. Especially on a Pay Day weekend. However, I was almost out of diapers and being out of diapers totally outweighs any hesitation to go to Sam's. I should have known that it was going to be a trying time. The kids have tapped into crazy kiddo energy. They didn't listen. They ran around like clowns running around a mini-car. They hemmed and hawed. They touched every single item that is offered at the warehouse - and y'all know, there's a lot of stuff. They whined. They moaned. Then, the baby having sensed that the others were ganging up on me, started wailing. I just wanted to get out of there.

The line I picked was the sslllllooooooowest line in all of Augusta. I swear. I kept my patience, but jeez-louise do you really need to tell the customer every single penny they saved, what they saved it on and what is going on sale next week? Really? Do you not sense a Momma-gonna-go crazy? Seriously, not now and not today.

It was our turn!! Yay! Of course, Grabby-Mcgraberson had to grab the ATM/CC machine and knock it off the mount. Then the next door lady cashier felt it was her right to verbally reprimand me and my child for breaking the machine. I think it was the tick in my eye and lip that made her physically back away.

Finally, we're in the car.  I don't know if it's old age or the cargo I'm carrying, but other drivers really scare me. I got stopped at a turn light that takes forever. The kids are trying to out talk one another, my tick is turning into a head twitch and the baby is starting to whimper-cry again. The drivers coming into the on coming lane are vicious. Swerving, zigging and zagging - just to be the first person at the next red light.

In front of me is an older truck. It is beat up, but just recently bought - I know because there was a sign taped on to the rear window that says "Applied for tags on...." The fella has his arm outstretched and nuzzled into his side is his girl. I thought to myself - young love, new love. And then the baby's whimpering turns into a half cry - half scream. Seriously? Right now? I turn my attention back to the truck and I think: Was I ever that young to have a leisurely drive in honey's armpit? I look back at my kids. Boogers are running down the baby's nose into his mouth. The other are trying to increase their volume so that everyone in the State of Georgia can hear them. Almost home, I think to myself. Almost home.

My attention turns towards the truck again and the young woman is looking out her window. The fella leans down and kisses his girl on top of her head. It was a gentle and tender show of his affection.

I felt my angst leave. My vision didn't turn into technicolor nor did the birds come out and sing, but I did feel a lift. My paradigm had shifted. It's love. The simple act of showing love made me realize that that's what it is all about...

And then the baby screamed bloody murder and my bubble popped. Hhahahhaa.

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