Saturday, November 6, 2010

Life Lessons #54 and #1

My son, Aiden, is a wonderful, lovely, bright, handsome PITA.  Thank God, I love him.  Here's the thing...I didn't really give any credence into what names mean and the personality that goes along with it, until Aiden.  Aiden means "fiery one" in Gaelic.  I thought rogue not a freaking fire cracker.  He has a temper that makes the Tasmanian Devil look tame.

Friday morning Aiden decided he didn't want to get dressed.  Nuh-uh.  NO how.  He read a book.  He played a game.  He even danced to a tune.  I wanted to throttle him.  So, I did what any Mom does on any given day.  I nagged: Aiden.  Get dressed.  Aiden, get dressed.  Aiden.  Dressed. Now.  GET.  FREAKIN. DRESSED. NOWWWWah!  So he grabbed some clothes.  Meanwhile, Jack and Asher were both dressed and headed to the auto.  I returned to his room to find that he was wearing shorts.  It was 40ish degrees outside.  Aiden.  Get pants on.  It's too cold. 

Aiden gave me the look that only this child can do.  It's a cross of f-you and go to hell.  He must have been a girl teenager in a previous life.  It's that kind of look.  So, he grabbed another pair of shorts.  Seething, I thought that I would teach him a lesson and let him go to school in shorts, a short sleeved shirt and shoes (with no socks).

Life lesson #54: Mom knows what the hell she's talking about.

An hour later I received a call from his teacher.  I had to bring him clothes appropriate for the weather.  I tried to explain what was going on, but she seemed to think that I am a major dumb ass of a Mom and that it wasn't appropriate to teach this type of lesson.  

Well crap.  My life lesson for my child had backfired.  Now what?  I went to school. I gave him his bag of clothes.

When Aiden got home from school he had to go through ALL of his clothes - short and long sleeved shirts, shorts and pants, underwear and socks, jackets, sweaters and hoodies.  He had to sort clothes and make a winter pile and a summer pile.  The winter pile is in his drawers and the summer pile is tucked away. 

What would have taken five minutes, to change from shorts to pants, has now taken two hours.

Life Lesson #1: Screw with Mom and you get the horns.

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  1. i can't believe the teacher didn't get it! i think its awesome you let him reap the consequences of his poor judgement. go you!